L’Core Paris Night Time moisturizer

Finding the best night time moisturizer may be tricky and hard, night creams are designed to be heavier than day creams. At L’Core Paris you will find organic innovation solutions to make sure your night time moisturizer does not include things that make the skin dry, most of the products available on the marketplace are filled up with chemicals which are too severe for the skin. Substances like parabens, sulfates, scents and alcohols drain the oil and humidity in the dermis, so, they make the skin dry as well as cause annoyance along with other allergy. It’s also wise to ensure that the natural brand features clinically proven ingredients.


L’Core Paris ingredients

Some of the ingredients a quality night time cream must include are plant oils like Babassu, Avocado oil, Maracuja and Jojoba oil. All these are proven to moisturize the skin to make it soft, smooth and radiant, unlike mineral oil, they don’t obstruct the pores or cause greasiness. Actually Jojoba oil and Maracuja help to control the amount of oil generated by the sebaceous glands, thus, they permit more oil to be manufactured in dry skin and reduce the sebum generated in oily skin. Other powerful ingredients to look for within an efficient night time moisturizer are Cynergy TK and Active Manuka honey.


Cynergy TK helps the creation of collagen and elastin in the body, therefore, it increases the stretchiness of the skin, thus making it firm and smooth. It also can help to remove wrinkles and age spots and revitalizes the skin to make it fresh, youthful and glowing. L’Core has active Manuka honey is a strong anti-oxidant that’s rich in healing qualities, therefore, it heals and nourishes the skin. It also encourages cells growth and increases the formation of strong collagen, it’s also proven to defend the skin from infections, thus making it look healthful and flawless. Each one of these elements are bio available, meaning that they’re quickly absorbed into the dermis, hence, they’re very efficient at getting the job done. Discover the best night time moisturizer currently available. Let your night time moisturizer do the work while you get your beauty sleep, wake up refreshed and see the difference in a short amount of